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Jacob Selmer
5823 Conover Road
Taneytown, Maryland 21787
240 457-2102

Jacob has over 25 years of blacksmithing and metalworking experience. Many of the products at Selmer Ironworks are inspired by historic themes. Modern tools and antique machines are used to make traditional styles of metalwork that originally required multiple people to create and assemble.

Jacob also teaches blacksmithing classes and is active with the Blacksmith Guild of Central MD (BGCM) at the Carroll County Farm Museum. He has created a line of metalworking tooling for sale to others starting out in the craft. Selmer Ironworks has recently moved from Keymar to Harney, MD. The new, larger location offers additional classes, events, metalwork, and glass work to the local community.

A new line of traditional stained glass work adds color and contrast to the ironwork while maintaining the historic theme. Reproductions of Medieval window panes explore the original techniques of firing opaque glass powder to the surface of the panes, and staining with silver oxide. Come see how to paint with fire.

As an engineer, Jacob studies the history of technology and manufacturing to drive ideas for new designs.

When not playing with fire and machinery to make art, Jacob enjoys working with fire and machinery to establish the homestead at Fire Arts Farm. Here the family keeps rare breed sheep, chickens, ducks and a neverending list of projects.