Meet Max Groft of Bent, Wrapped and Hammered

Bent, Wrapped and Hammered

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Max Groft

The original core intent of Bent Wrapped and Hammered was as an outlet for some young jewelry students to expand beyond the classroom studio to present their work for exhibition and sale. A few of the founding artists have moved on to start their own businesses and Bent Wrapped and Hammered continues under the ownership of Max Groft, one of the founding artists.

Working in the classroom as well as on her own business has facilitated the exploration of a wide range of tools, techniques, media and genres. Max not only had the privilege of studying under her mentor, renowned artist Linda Van Hart, but has long worked her craft to discover her own vision and unique style.

Max’s work is deeply rooted in Nature and World Culture. Evidence that she enjoys studying Japanese language and culture is routinely found in her works featuring kanji, sakura blossoms and designs inspired by torii gates. In Max’s displays you will find distinctive earrings, exquisite pendants and bracelets, and a variety of other unique items. The mix of metals and gems come in all varieties, colors and textures, but the artistry, craftsmanship and design are singularly Max.